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Sweet by Erin McCarthy

ARC provided by the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Sweet by Erin McCarthy is book 2 in the True Believers series. The True Believers is a series based around the Mann Brothers, their family, and their college friends. The Mann Brothers have had a very hard life and are parentless. Their struggles to keep their family together endears them to the readers hearts. Their friendships are supportive, loving, and amazing. This series shows us how these bad boys ban together, grow as individuals, and become young men that can be counted on.

Sweet features the oldest brother, Riley Mann. Riley has the responsibility of supporting his younger brothers, maintaining an environment that is suitable for minors, and keeping his family together. He is determined this is going to happen. His younger brother Tyler is a convicted felon and is forbidden by the courts to live in their family home and be around his minor brothers. Tyler is a victim of his family circumstance and tries to help Riley as much as he can. But still the weight is on Riley’s shoulders.

Riley is a hard worker and is not ashamed of his roofing job. He has accepted the fact that this career field is his destiny until he can get his younger brothers raised. He doesn’t ask for much for himself. Through his rough life he has learned to deal and hide with sarcasm, snarky personality, He has come to the realization that quick fixes, fast relationships, and partying are not the paths he can be on. This somewhat separates him from people his own age.

Jessica Sweet is in the Mann circle of friends. Her roommates are all going home for the summer. Jessica does not want to go home for the summer. Her father is a preacher and has expectations that she can no longer live up to. She has found herself and her independence when she left home for college. That independence has been hard earned and she is determined to keep it. She has lined up an apartment but it won’t be available for a week. The Mann brothers offer to let her stay at their humble home. Tyler is taking the younger boys to his girlfriends family home. Jessica can stay in the younger brothers room until her apartment is ready. That leaves her staying with Riley.

Riley and Jessica are like two peas in a pod. They have similar personalties and both hide behind their sarcasm. As the two get to know each other, the two find they have much more in common than sarcasm. They see the deeper sides of each other. They understand what drives the other. The only problem is…Riley wants a committed relationship…and Jessica wants…a friends with benefits relationship. Can these two find a compromise.

This was highly entertaining story, the characters come to life, their story grabs the readers heart and the Mann brothers steal your heart. I highly recommend this series.