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Bold Tricks by Karina Halle

ARC provided by the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Bold Tricks…Phenomenal…. 5 Stars+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Artist Trilogy has taken the readers on a wild ride. Each book has left the reader hanging on the edge of their seat. The readers are dying of suspense wondering where this trio is heading. Who is going to survive? Will there be a victor? Can there be a victor? Will any of them walk away from the death defying adventure they are on?

Bold Tricks gives the reader resolution. The resolution may not be what the reader wants, but it is what these characters need. They will pay the price for their sins, their cons, and their crimes. No one will come out unscathed. They will have scars that will forever taint their souls. But they will get the redemption each needs…whether it be in life or death. No one is a true victor. The winner or winners in this dangerous game will pay a price that is high!

I cannot write a detailed review because it would have too many spoilers. This series has kept the readers attention, stole their patience, and tortured their minds. We have had many theories. We have cheered for the characters. We have embraced their story. We have lived their adventure. Now we will get to find out…the rest of the story. Readers will be satisfied with the outcome.

Karina Halle is a brilliant writer. Her writing style captivates a reader from page one and keeps them imprisoned to the last page. Her writing draws the reader into the story. We experience their emotions, physical pains, their senses, their environment, and their psyche. The reader is right there in Jose experiencing the action.

The true hero of this series is Jose! Jose has been through it all!