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The Other Side Of Love by J. S. Cooper

Have you ever become addicted to an amazing book series where the characters become as dear to your heart as your very own loved ones?  Have you been strung out waiting for the next book to release in a series?  Have you counted down the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until that book releases?  Have you stalked Amazon , Barnes and Noble, and other book retailers for the book to go live? Have you dropped every thing to read that book?  I have!  The Other Side Of Love by J. S. Cooper, the fourth book in The Forever Love series, was the book.  It was well worth the wait, well worth the stalking, and well worth ignoring my life so I could “read” this book.


I have reviewed every book in this series.  I fell in love with Zane Beaumont and Lucky Morgan.  Their journey, their relationship, and their personalities capture the heart.  The very thing that brought these two together was Zane’s quest to find justice for the death of his younger brother Noah.


Noah Beaumont had become involved with a very fast paced party crowd.  The friendships and woman he became involved in took him down a very dangerous road.  Their involvement with drugs and the cartel became life threatening to Noah and his family.  The very woman he supposedly loved was the one person who could destroy Noah’s life.  The guilt, heartbreak, and pressure cause Noah to take his own life.  Zane is on a path of vengeance.  He is working with the FBI to bring those who destroyed his brother’s life to justice.  Going against the cartel is very dangerous mission.  Zane will have to do many things that go against his personal and moral beliefs.  It is worth the risk.


Zane succeeds in bringing the cartel to justice.  Even though he got the justice he wanted for Noah’s life, he still was devastated by his loss of his only family, his best friend,  his brother.  But was Noah really lost?


Noah Beaumont’s death was a product of the FBI.  He has been in hiding for over a year while the FBI worked the case against the cartel.  The FBI knew that was the only way that they could get Zane to become an informer and the only way to keep Noah alive.  It was a game that forever changed Noah and Zane’s life.  A year can change everything.  Including Noah.


Noah Beaumont has his life back.  His brother has changed for the better.  His brother is now happy and in a very good relationship with an amazing girl.  His life has moved forward.  Noah’s life was put on hold.  What happened in that year will forever change Noah’s life.  He will become a prisoner of that year.  He will not be able to move forward because of that year.


Noah meets two girls that he will have to choose between.  Both have a hold of his heart.  One will affect the direction of his future choices and the life he has returned to.  The other will be the one that captures his forever love. The forever he may not ever have because of choices.


Noah has many secrets.  These secrets can destroy him.  They can destroy his relationship with Zane.  They can destroy his chance at  the love that comes once in a lifetime. 


Noah Beaumont is a beautiful soul with a pure heart.  He cherishes those he loves.  He loves with an intensity.  His will always stand up for those who are victims.  He will do everything in his power to make things right.  He will sacrifice his own life for those he loves.  Noah Beaumont will steal your heart!


On that note….I will just say this….I love The Forever Love series!  I am already counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds for the next book, Zane and Lucky’s First Christmas, December 5, 2013.